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Accademia al Colle is located in via Santa Margherita al Colle which is a beautiful street that stretches from Giardini Margherita, the largest park in the city, to the hills. This residential area is one of the most beautiful areas of the city, thanks to the many villas and beautiful gardens that surround it.

Although you will be very close to the city, it would be best to have a car. Walkers can walk up and down the villa from the bus stop, which is about 800 meters far. You can also hire cars, mopeds, electrical bicycles, taxis or limousines: you are spoiled for choice.
Guests can access the large 2-hectare wood below the house, which is ideal for walking or jogging. The fruit trees that adorn the garden are available to guests, who can take a ladder and freely pick figs, persimmons, cherries and apricots. While walking through the greenery you may well come across unexpected animals: early-rising singing pheasants, hurtling hares and squirrels running on the trees.

Yuri the horse is the king of the wood and likes carrots and apples. Bonga is the watchdog of the corral you had better not trust too much. Cat Ruffo chases mice and moles, and then there are wild boars, hawks, peaks, foxes, porcupines, and roe deer to be watched thrillingly from afar.
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Accademia al Colle
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